How long does a coaching, communications training, interview preparation, counseling session take?

A one-on-one coaching or training session is normally 90 minutes. A one time group workshop normally takes one to two days. I offer my services at any location, seven days a week.

What's the difference between coaching and training?

They mutually overlap. Training primarily focusses on enhancing general skills and acquiring knowledge in a specific field; e. g. cross-culture training. Coaching concentrates on the coachee's personality and rather indivudual aspects helping improve performance, understand and resolve conflict, change paths.

Is your coaching or training structured?

I don't work in a text book format. My settings are dynamic and interactive. They focus on real life and work situations and the particular circumstances of the participants.

How many people participate in an intercultural group training?

It shoudn't be more than ten participants. Ideally, the group is very mixed, American, German, you name it.

How do you assess your participants?

Through a questionaire and an interview.

How does interview coaching work?

I evaluate the job description and requirements as well as your application and CV. We assess your skills and experiences. We look into your strengths and weaknesses especially on the communcative and performace levels. I make you familiar with the most common questions, traps and tricks the interviewer may play on you. Finally but most importantly we simulate the interview rehearsing until you feel totally confident.

How much does your coaching, communications training, interview training, counseling cost?

My fees are between $90 and $280 per hour depending on the position of the trainee or coachee and/or the value of the project. Expenses, accommodation and taxes extra. Reduced rates for private clients, students, young people, professional beginners.

How much is language tutoring, instruction or accent reduction training?

Upon request.